Majesty Yachts / MAJESTY 88 Продажа

  • Тип яхты Моторная яхта
  • Длина26.94 м
  • Ширина6.4 м
  • Осадка1.25 м
  • Скоростьмакс - 29 уз, крейсерская - 23 уз
  • Запас топлива11300 л
  • Запас пресной воды1900 л
  • Количество гостей8
  • Число кают8
  • Год выпуска2011
Цена AED 13 700 000 ~ $ 3 743 169
(автоматический перевод на русский)
The unveiling of the graceful Majesty 88 crowns a research and development process that has built on Gulf Craft's vast experience in production boat building, as well as super yacht �manufacturing.
It has resulted in this all-new 88-footer blessed with a superb sea-handling capability and with trend-setting styling and luxurious interiors.
With its overall structure built out of fiber glass and closed-cell foam, the use of vacuum bagging technology in the Majesty 88 assures a minimum overall structural weight for a maximum of strength �and rigidity, optimizing performance and speed.
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