Dubai International Film Festival 2013

  6 декабря 2013 — 14 декабря 2013

(автоматический перевод на русский)

See some of the best independent and blockbuster movies at the Dubai International Film Festival.

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) was launched 9 years ago and its impact on the region’s film industry has been enormous. This week-long film festival serves as a platform where local and international directors, film-makers, writers and actors can come together to share ideas and inspiration through workshops and seminars to help each other achieve success in the regional market. For visitors, DIFF is a festival like no other, where the medium of film is used to cross boundaries, stereotypes and ideas, bringing a wide array of stories from local GCC countries to life. For industry professionals, this festival is an invaluable week for networking and gaining support from programmes and initiatives associated with the Dubai International Film Festival.